SnapLock Downspout Hinges for Homeowners in Prairie du Sac, WI

Downspout Hinge Prairie du Sac, WIInnovative Gutter Solution, LLC’s Absolute Gutter and Absolute Gutter Protection systems are a dream team. And, when they are paired with gutter accessories—like the SnapLock downspout hinge—homeowners in Prairie du Sac, WI, and throughout surrounding areas can benefit from the ultimate in home protection. SnapLock systems are next-generation downspout hinges that are designed to provide a reliable flip-up solution for downspout extensions.

What is a SnapLock Downspout Hinge?

SnapLock is a long-lasting product that consists of two pieces: a rust-resistant aluminum shaft and a nylon washer. These components snap together and lock into position for a moveable hinge that allows your downspout extension to be flipped up and out of the way whenever work is being performed around it, such as:

  • Landscaping
  • Mowing the grass
  • Painting the house
  • Gardening

A great accompaniment to the SnapLock downspout hinge, TipLok is a clear acrylic clip that is designed to hold a downspout extension up. To install, simply fit it onto a downspout and move it up or down until it works for the height of the retracted downspout extension.

DIY Installation

While SnapLock downspout hinges can be installed by our authorized contractors in tandem with our Absolute Gutter and Absolute Gutter Protection systems, these accessories can also be installed on your existing gutter system without the assistance of a professional. Check out where you can purchase your SnapLock downspout hinge here.

For more information about SnapLock downspout hinges, contact Innovative Gutter Solutions, LLC today. We will be pleased to answer all of your questions!

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