The TipLok Downspout Clip is a Must-Have Gutter System Accessory

Downspout ClipThe TipLok downspout clip is a state-of-the-art gutter system accessory that is designed to help prevent downspout extensions from getting damaged. Distributed by Innovative Gutter Solutions, LLC, TipLok boasts durable acrylic construction and comes in two sizes (2”x3” and 3”x4”). To install this downspout clip, simply snap it onto a vertical downspout pipe and then slide it up or down so that it clips onto the end of the pulled up extension. Not only does TipLok eliminate the need to repair or replace a downspout, it also makes it easier to keep a downspout extension out of the way whenever work needs to be performed around it, such as:

  • Mowing
  • Landscaping
  • Gardening
  • Yard maintenance
  • Home repair
  • And more


A related accessory that works exceptionally well in conjunction with the TipLok downspout clip is the SnapLock downspout hinge. SnapLock – also distributed by Innovative Gutter Solutions, LLC – is a great alternative to downspout extension fasteners like rivets and screws that have a tendency to wear away, become loose, and fall out. Unlike conventional fasteners, SnapLock is made of aluminum and nylon for extended life. It is the most reliable gutter extension fastener available, and allows for total ease of use for whenever one needs to retract an extension.

For additional information about the SnapLock hinge or the TipLok downspout clip, be sure to contact Innovative Gutter Solutions, LLC. We also distribute through a network of authorized dealers of high-quality seamless gutters, state-of-the-art gutter covers, and Big Mouth, an oversized gutter outlet.