The Siding-Master™ system is a breakthrough in vinyl siding installation technology that eliminates the problems associated with aligning, nailing, and stapling vinyl siding. Rather than nailing or stapling siding directly to the exterior walls, Siding-Master™ is installed on the walls and holds the vinyl siding in place. This allows for a fast and straight installation, with each panel of siding in place.

Because the siding is fastened to Siding-Master™ instead of the exterior walls, the siding panels can float over imperfections in the exterior walls, creating a clean finish without warping. Siding-Master™ holds panels in place better than nails or staples, lowering the chance of panel blow-off so much that Siding-Master™ comes with a Lifetime Panel Blow-Off Warranty.

Without Siding-Master™
With Siding-Master™
With Siding-Master™








Siding-Master™ also creates a gap between the exterior walls and the siding panels, forming a rain screen. This rain screen allows air to flow, so air pressure between the inside and outside of the home can equalize for higher energy efficiency, while allowing moisture to drain for reduced moisture damage.


The benefits of Siding-Master™ include

  • Creates a rain screen, which is a gap between the exterior sheathing and cladding that allows air to circulate, removes condensation, and keeps water away from the exterior walls to prevent mold or leaks
  • Holds siding away from the walls, thermally convecting to keep walls cool and dry
  • Prevents heat gain by allowing the walls to cool, reducing the chance of heat distortion
  • Can be installed over most surfaces, including block walls, stucco, house wrap, and any thickness of foam
  • Provides a more level installation that reduces warping and repairs on siding
  • Panels “float” over warped or imperfect walls, making walls appear straighter
  • Installation allows the necessary panel movement for straight siding year after year