Siding-Master™ is made of recyclable galvanized strips, making them good for the environment. It also helps the environment through the rain screen it creates, and through the improved attachment of siding to the exterior wall.

The rain screen created by Siding-Master™ helps equalize the air pressure between the inside and outside of a building, so air does not have to fight to enter the building. This helps achieve maximum energy efficiency.


Siding-Master™ reduces siding panel blow off, so homeowners can be assured that their siding will not turn into pollution after strong winds. Since Siding-Master™ forms a gap behind the siding, whenever the siding heats up, it has a chance to cool down from the naturally circulating air behind it. This means reduced chance of heat distortion, and fewer panel replacements.


The air gap created by Siding-Master™ helps prevent condensation from forming on the exterior wall behind the cladding.

The ventilating air in the gap formed by Siding-Master™ keeps walls cooler, reducing cooling costs for the building by increasing energy efficiency. Since moisture in the gap can easily drain or dry out, mold and mildew growth are eliminated. This improves the health of both the building and its occupants.

From design and materials to improved energy efficiency and fewer siding panel replacements, Siding-Master™ is an environmentally friendly building product.