The Furring-Master™ System is made up of several components. Together, these components create a rain screen and improve the siding installation, from bottom to top.


Furring-Master™ Strips

furring master strip

The furring strips are installed between the exterior wall and the cladding, creating a gap between them to form a rain screen. The strips have a hollow back, so they allow for maximum draining and drying. Furring-Master™ strips are made from strong A.S.T.M. G90 galvanized steel, and are available in either 20 or 22 gauge. Unlike wooden furring strips or plastic battens, Furring-Master™ strips will not trap moisture or become brittle with age.


Screened Trim Adaptor


The Screened Trim Adapter works as the bottom and top vent for Furring-Master™. It allows intake and exhaust airflow through the gap of the rain screen, allowing moisture to escape. The screening deters most insects to reduce infiltration.