Furring Master Product Information

Furring-Master™ is a rain screen system designed for use with wood or fiber cement siding. The rain screen approach is the preferred method for preventing rainwater from entering into exterior walls. Rain screen technology is being promoted heavily as a Best Practice solution by industry experts, HUD and the U.S. Department of Energy. Rain screens create a gap between the exterior sheathing and cladding, allowing air to circulate, removing condensation, and keeping water away from the exterior walls to prevent mold or leaks.

Furring-Master™ creates equalized pressure between the inside and outside of a building, meaning less air infiltration into the building. Since there is a gap between the exterior sheathing and cladding, the air pressure equalizes with that of the exterior atmosphere, so the air does not have to fight to enter your home, keeping your home as air tight as possible to achieve maximum energy efficiency.
The rain screen formed by Furring-Master™ means that any water that makes it past the cladding will drain and dry out, keeping the guts of exterior walls dry. Water will eventually make it through any and all cladding assemblies on a home, but the vented rain screen makes sure that when water does get through, it is able to drain or simply dry out on its own due to the air gap behind the cladding.
Another benefit of Furring-Master™ is its creation of an extra layer of air, which keeps buildings cooler. In most buildings, the sun hits the cladding, which is in direct contact with the sheathing. The heat from the sun is transferred directly from the cladding into the walls, making the building warmer than necessary. The air gap created by a rain screen keeps the face of your sheathing, and therefore your home, much cooler.
What sets Furring-Master™ apart from other rain screen systems?
  • Patent-Pending hollow back construction allows maximum drainage and accelerated fast drying without trapping moisture.
  • Strong A.S.T.M. 20/22 gauge G-90 galvanized U-Bar steel furring strips straighten out imperfect walls.
  • Will not crack, split, burn, rot or trap moisture like wood furring strips.
  • Will not crush and cause a wavy appearance like expensive mesh rain screens.
  • Furring-Master™ 1/4″ creates a perfect sized gap which does not add to the cost of building out window and door openings.
  • Furring-Master™ 3/8″ is approved by Canadian building code.
  • Furring-Master™ is guaranteed for 50 years.
  • Screen Trim Adapter lets air in and out of the gap, while at the same time reducing bug infiltration.

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