Furring-Master™ helps increase the energy efficiency of a building in several ways. The secret to the increase in efficiency is the air chamber it creates between the exterior sheathing and cladding. This chamber provides a place for the air pressure both inside and outside a building to equalize. Since the air pressure can equalize, the air does not have to fight to enter the building, which helps in achieving maximum energy efficiency.

Rain screens create more options for insulating buildings, by allowing the insulation to be outside of the air barrier and inside the cavity space. This can increase a wall’s R-Value and energy efficiency. In areas where thick foam insulation is required by code or by homeowner choice for more energy efficiency, Furring-Master™ can be installed through the foam with the siding installed into the furring strips, so the weight of the siding is held by Furring-Master™ instead of the insulation.

In buildings without rain screens, the cladding is in direct contact with the exterior sheathing, transferring heat from the sun directly into the building. However, Furring-Master™ minimizes the contact between the cladding and the exterior sheathing, so less heat is transferred by contact, and the chamber allows for the thermal convection of the air behind the siding. This convection allows heated air to escape through the vents on the top and bottom, keeping walls cooler and reducing cooling costs.

The Furring-Master™ strips themselves are good to the environment, as the galvanized steel they are made out of is recyclable. They are also very compatible with green building materials, such as terracotta, ceramic, natural stone, and wood cladding, allowing for more opportunities to use recyclable materials.

Plus, the ventilation created by Furring-Master™ eliminates mold and mildew growth by design, improving the health of both the building and its occupants.