siding-productsEnergy codes are ever-changing and the industry is ever-evolving, as it must. To meet the challenge, Innovative Gutter Solutions, LLC expanded with a siding division. The siding division currently focuses on rain screen technology, an innovative new siding product.

Already code in Canada, this technology is very popular in the United States. The same way attics are ventilated, it makes sense to ventilate exterior walls. Rain screens make homes more energy efficient, eliminate moisture behind cladding, and help solve various siding installation problems; including installation over thick foam.
Rain screen technology is effective in any climate and with any siding, from vinyl to wood or fiber cement. It works in hot and cold climates alike, and can be installed on almost any wall assembly.
Our current siding products that are available include:
If you are a professional looking to purchase quality siding products for the homeowner, feel free to contact us so that we can answer any questions that you have.