Protect Your Downspout With TipLok

Downspout Clip Madison WI
The Tiplok is a clip that fits directly on the downspout. The gutter downspout extension is then able to be held up by the clip…out of the way! Making mowing, gardening and landscaping easier – all while protecting your gutter system and downspouts.

TipLok Benefits:

  • Prevents damaged or flattened gutter extensions
  • Available in 2″ x 3″ and 3″ x 4″ sizes
  • Adjusts easily on the downspout to fit any size extension
  • Easily snaps into place
  • Withstands extremely cold or hot temperatures
  • Clear acrylic clip to match any color of downspout

The Tiplok gutter downspout clip is a product that will allow the homeowner to move their downspouts completely out of the way when working near them.