Converting downspout extensions to flip-ups is easy with Snaplocks. Follow the installation instructions below, or download the instructions here


To convert your downspout extension into a flip-up:

1. Use tin snips to cut a 3″x3″ square out of the top surface (and curved portion of the side wall) of the extension pipe on the end that connects to the downspout elbow

2. Drill 3/16″ holes at the midpoint on both sides of the elbow, 5/8″ from the end. Drill 3/16″ holes in both sides of the extension pipe on the top ridge line (there are three ridge lines), and 5/8″ from the end. [Note: It is important to leave 1/2″ between the bottom of the extension pipe and the bottom of the elbow for clearance when the assembly pivots.]

3. Insert shaft into hole. Slide locking washer onto the shaft. Snap over barb with locking tool provided. To do this, insert the locking tool onto a standard pair of pliers. Then, secure to the pliers by tightening the bolt.



For more information on creating a flip-up downspout, click here