Q) Why should flip-up extensions be installed?

A) Every house or building that has gutter extensions that reach into the lawn should have a flip-up installed. This makes it easier to keep the extensions out of the way while mowing, landscaping, or working around the building, which protects the extensions from being damaged.


Q) Are SnapLOCK gutter systems easy to install?
A) Yes, installing SnapLOCK is just as easy as making a flip-up with zip screws. Once a flip-up is created with zip screws, the screws are simply replaced with SnapLOCK to create a lasting flip-up that will not wear out with repeated use.

snaplock-install1      snaplock-install2





After the flip-up is installed with zip screws to hold it in place, Snaplocks replace the zip screws to make the flip-up permanent.


Q) What makes SnapLOCK gutter downspout extensions better than screws or rivets?
A) Screws and rivets will bore out when the extensions are flipped up and down multiple times. SnapLOCKs are made of aluminum and nylon for durability, so they are permanent and will not wear out.