Q) What is the difference between Big Mouth Gutter Outlets and standard gutter outlets?

A) Big Mouths create a larger opening between gutters and downspouts than standard gutter outlets. Rather than the outlet meeting the gutter at an angle, it meets at a larger curve, allowing debris and water to easily flow into the downspout.

Q) How do Big Mouth gutter outlets prevent gutter clogging?

A) Similar to the way a funnel works, a wider opening increases flow capacity. Big Mouths have a wider opening where they meet the gutter, which transitions to meet the size of the downspout. Because of this, Big Mouths make it easier for debris to get out of the gutters through the downspout. Rather than building up, the debris can leave the gutters without causing clogging.

Q) Will Big Mouth gutter outlets match my gutters?

A) Yes, they not only improve the appearance of the connections between gutters and downspouts, but they can be painted to match any color gutters.

Big Mouths can easily be painted to match any color gutter system.

Since Big Mouths are available in sizes to fit both 2″x3″ and 3″x4″ downspouts, they are compatible with any gutter system.

Q) What is the best way to paint a Big Mouth Gutter Outlet?

A) Lightly mist the Big Mouth with regular touch-up spray paint. Let the paint dry, and apply another coat of spray paint. Once the paint is dry, the Big Mouth can be installed.

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