Q) What is the difference in size between standard gutters and Absolute Gutters™?

A) Standard gutters are 5 inches deep, but Absolute Gutters™ are 6 inches deep. This allows Absolute Gutters™ to hold 40% more water than a standard size gutter.

Standard Gutters
Absolute Gutters™









Q) How do Absolute Gutters™ protect soffit and fascia from wood rot?

A) Wood rot of soffit and fascia is caused when gutters overflow and the water soaks into the wood. This especially happens when the gutters become clogged with leaf debris, snow, or ice.


Absolute Gutters™ are custom bent with the backside of the gutter 1 inch higher than the front lip. This higher back allows water in the gutters to escape over the front, rather than submerging the fascia board and roof edge. No water submersion means no wood rot.


Q) Will Absolute Gutters™ work with my gutter protection system?

A) Absolute Gutters™ are built to accommodate any gutter protection system on the market today. Existing gutter protection does not need to be adjusted for Absolute Gutters™, and new gutter protection can easily be installed over Absolute Gutters™.


Q) Do Absolute Gutters™ help prevent ice dams?

A) When heat from a house melts the snow on the roof, the melted snow flows into the gutters where it freezes again. Over time, the gutters get too full of ice for the melted snow to drain properly. Then, the melted snow leaks into the roof space where it damages the ceilings, walls, roof structure, and insulation.

Standard Gutters
Absolute Gutters™

Since Absolute Gutters™ are 1 inch higher in the back than the front, the melted snow can escape over the front instead of leaking into the roof space. Also, Absolute Gutters™ hold 40% more than a standard size gutter, so there is more room for the melted snow and ice, resulting in less overflow.

Q) Is the installation of Absolute Gutters™ different from standard gutters?

A) Absolute Gutters™ are seamless, meaning they are made from one continuous piece of metal. Unlike standard gutters, Absolute Gutters™ have the end caps wrapped from the back of the gutter. This makes the corners cleaner, eliminates the need for box or strip miters, and decreases the amount of caulking needed. With Absolute Gutters™, the gutter bending takes place on site when they are about to be installed.


“We chose Absolute Gutter because of the quality of the product. My gutter replacement went seamlessly.”

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