The Benefits of Using the GutterLock Gutter Guard System on Your Home in Eau Claire, WI

Gutter Guard Eau Claire WiGutterLock is a highly innovative brand of gutter guard that can prevent the gutters on your home in Eau Claire, WI, from ever becoming clogged again. Distributed by Innovative Gutter Solutions, LLC and only available from authorized dealers, GutterLock totally eliminates the problem of gutter clogging and all of the harmful side effects that go along with it, such as:

  • Foundation damage
  • Wood damage
  • Landscape damage
  • Ice dam formation

Also sometimes referred to as a gutter cover, gutter cap, gutter protector, or gutter filter, this product is designed to keep out leaves, sticks, pine cones – everything except water! GutterLock is a state-of-the-art gutter guard that will help to protect your home in Eau Claire, WI, from the above mentioned types of damage year after year. It features a perforated aluminum surface that locks out debris yet allows water to enter the gutter channel as normal. This gutter guard also:

  • Can be installed on all residential gutters
  • Can handle the heaviest rainfall
  • Keeps out pests and animals
  • Comes in 10+ attractive colors
  • Adds more stability to the existing gutter system

The GutterLock gutter guard is one of the most effective products of its kind manufactured in America. Contact Innovative Gutter Solutions, LLC to learn more about the many benefits of having it installed on your home in Eau Claire, WI. Contractors who are interested in carrying this product are welcome to contact us as well. Innovative Gutter Solutions, LLC is also a distributor of seamless gutters, downspout extension hinges, downspout extension clips, and gutter outlets.