Why Put the SnapLock Downspout Hinge on Your Gutter System in Manitowoc, WI?

Downspout Hinge Manitowoc WIThe SnapLock downspout hinge is an excellent accessory to add to your gutter system in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. What is it, exactly? SnapLock is an aluminum-and-nylon fastener that is specially designed for downspout extensions. Unlike rivets and screws, SnapLock will not rust, wear away, and eventually have to be replaced. It is a long-lasting downspout hinge that provides the much-needed flexibility of being able to flip up an extension whenever doing so is necessary, such as when you need to mow or do other types of work around it. SnapLock is made of two pieces that are snapped together: a 1/2”-long aluminum shaft with a 5/8”-diameter head, plus a 1/8”-thick nylon washer with a 5/8”-diameter head.

Another great accessory to buy for your gutter system in Manitowoc, WI, is the TipLok downspout clip – a superb accompaniment to the SnapLock downspout hinge. TipLok is a semicircular acrylic band featuring a small clip that is designed to hold up a retracted downspout extension. Instead of having to hold up an extension by hand, you can simply secure it in a vertical position using the TipLok clip. To install TipLok, slide it onto a downspout and adjust it up or down until it reaches the appropriate height. It really is that simple. Subsequently, it will be much easier to keep a downspout extension out of the way.

For more information about the SnapLock downspout hinge and the TipLok clip, contact Innovative Gutter Solutions, LLC. We can put you in touch with an authorized dealer of these products in the Manitowoc, WI, area.