TipLok: An Innovative Downspout Clip for Your Gutter System in Platteville, WI

Downspout Clip Platteville WIThe gutter system on your home in Platteville, Wisconsin, truly isn’t complete without the TipLok downspout clip. This innovative product – which is distributed by Innovative Gutter Solutions, LLC and available only from authorized dealers – is designed to temporarily secure a downspout extension in a vertical position. Having the ability to do this can come in extremely handy whenever you need to perform yard or house work around an extension and want to keep it from getting damaged. The TipLok downspout clip is easy to install. Simply snap it on a downspout and shift it up or down until it matches the height of the flipped up downspout extension. Then, you will be able to secure the extension to the TipLok clip and not have to worry about damaging the extension or letting it get in your way.

Your gutter system in Platteville, WI, would also benefit from the installation of the SnapLock downspout hinge, a nylon-and-aluminum fastener that works especially well in conjunction with the TipLok downspout clip. SnapLock is a long-lasting fastener that is used to connect a downspout with a downspout extension. Once installed, it provides the ability to conveniently flip up an extension so that it doesn’t become dented while you are performing yard work around it. Unlike rivets and screws that easily rust and fall out, SnapLock promises many years of flawless operation.

Contact Innovative Gutter Solutions, LLC for more information about the TipLok downspout clip and the SnapLock downspout hinge. We will be glad to put you in touch with an authorized dealer of these products serving Platteville, WI.