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Downspout Clip Madison WIInnovative Gutter Solutions, LLC is the distributor behind the downspout clip, TipLok – a new breed of downspout accessory that homeowners in Madison, Wisconsin, and elsewhere are beginning to use in ever-increasing numbers. Investing in this gutter accessory is a great choice for anyone who wants to conveniently be able to protect a downspout extension. Simply snap the TipLok downspout clip into place and use it to hold up the downspout extension whenever you need to mow, garden, or work close to it. This relatively simple though innovatively designed clip can prevent a downspout extension from becoming damaged.

The growing popularity of the TipLok downspout clip is attributable to its highly innovative design. Homeowners use it because it is:

  • Durable – TipLok is made of a heavy duty clear acrylic that will not break, even after repeated exposure to both hot and freezing temperatures.
  • Attractive – Being clear, it looks great on downspouts of any color and is available in two sizes, 2”x3” and 3”x4”.
  • Adjustable – It can easily be positioned up or down to accommodate a downspout extension of any length.

Another product that we make available to homeowners in Madison, WI, and across the state is the SnapLock downspout hinge. Like the TipLok downspout clip, SnapLock is designed for long life and convenient operation. It is an aluminum-and-nylon fastener that secures the downspout extension to the downspout elbow, making it possible to “flip up” the extension whenever doing so is necessary. When used in combination, SnapLock and TipLok help to prevent a downspout extension from sustaining damage that otherwise might occur. These products constitute yet two more examples of how Innovative Gutter Solutions is attempting to change the gutter industry for the better through the development of high-performance gutter products that last.

If you perform gutter installation services or live in or near Madison, WI, and would like to learn more about our TipLok downspout clip or any of our other gutter products, contact Innovative Gutter Solutions.

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