Why Buy the TipLok Downspout Clip for Your Gutter System in Hartford, WI

Downspout Clip Hartford WIThe gutter system on your home in Hartford, Wisconsin, truly isn’t complete without a TipLok downspout clip. Distributed by Innovative Gutter Solutions, LLC through a statewide network of dealers, TipLok is a highly innovative product that will allow you to secure a downspout extension in an upright position. Downspout extensions can be a hassle to work around, and if you’re not careful, you can risk damaging an extension by stepping on it or running into it with a mower. The TipLok downspout clip is designed to address this problem. Simply clip it onto a downspout and move it up or down until it matches the length of the retracted downspout extension. TipLok is available in two sizes (2”x3” and 3”x4”) and it is made of clear acrylic so that it looks great on gutters of any color.

While the TipLok downspout clip would be an outstanding addition to your gutter system, it isn’t the only gutter accessory that you should consider using in Hartford, WI. Another is the SnapLock downspout hinge, also distributed by Innovative Gutter Solutions, LLC. SnapLock is a highly durable fastener that can be used to join a downspout with a downspout extension. With SnapLock, you will conveniently be able to flip up a downspout extension whenever the need arises.

The TipLok downspout clip and the SnapLock hinge are two highly innovative gutter accessories that can work seamlessly together to prolong the life of any gutter system. Contact Innovative Gutter Solutions, LLC to be put in touch with a contractor serving the Hartford, WI, who carries these products.

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