Clogged Gutters + Spring Rains = Wet Basements

Feb 23, 2018


Wisconsin winters can be a real challenge for your home, from the basement foundation to the roof and gutters. We have THE solution to help ensure your gutters don’t fill with autumn leaves and winter snow and ice: Absolute Gutter and Absolute Gutter Protection.

With Absolute in place you’ll be taking action before those clogged gutters freeze solid and start a domino-effect mess.  Without Absolute, just imagine… We get a quick thaw or an early spring rain. The snow on the roof melts, flows over frozen, ineffectual gutters and over the roof edge, ending up on the ground right next to the house.

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This water can jeopardize the home’s very foundation… Now on the ground, the water flows against the foundation. There, the soil is (relatively) warmer and not frozen, making it especially vulnerable. The water finds an opening, and soon leaks into the basement, sometimes via a crack in the wall, sometimes further down between the cement floor footing and the cement wall.

It’s simple.  Because the gutters and downspouts can’t do their jobs, there’s nothing to move the water away from the foundation. Stop this domino-effect mess with Absolute Gutter and Absolute Gutter Protection. These hefty gutters and downspouts work hand in hand so you can forget about it! Keep leaves out. Stop ice blocks before they start. Direct the water to the down spouts and away from the foundation. Being proactive is THE way to protect your basement from leaks.


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